09 December 2007

This year's holiday rant:

Can You BELIEVE how STUPID some people are???? It's the same kind of Ridiculous nonsense that happened (& still is) with Harry Potter! the new Movie The Golden Compass is getting the most irritatingly Stupid reviews by fundimentalist fanatics calling themselves "good Christian" etc. Most of whom have a: never READ the books & b: didnt bother to actually "WATCH" the movie! absolute TWITS!!
The movie is FICTION!!! FANTASY!! sheeeesh! these people need to get a life! And STOP trying to dictate to the rest of the world their NARROW MINDED little box version of the world.

I for myself NEVER take the word of an extremest of ANY Kind- its my RIGHT to make up my own mind and I AM REALLY TIRED of people who do NOT know what they are talking about trying to dictate what i should or should not do or believe!

As for the movie = I love fantasy and Sci Fi and even if i didnt i would go see this JUST BECAUSE idiots out there are telling me i shouldnt. defeats their purpose dont ya know!

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