03 August 2008

missing my babies
its in the wee hours right now and am having empty nest pains... big time
all my 'babies' are somewhere far from home. and am missing them badly.

my first baby is a mama now, her baby is 8months all ready -- my goodness how the time flies. he was only 6 weeks old when they moved to wisconsin. she "seems' to love it there. but i must admit i worry- other family says she hardly goes out -- dont know if its a good thing or not. but then again that time with a new baby is priceless. she's an amazing young woman and i profoundly hope she is happy....... she has so much potential - i hope someday she may go back to school too. she has so much ability that is just waiting to be used.

my youngest 'baby' is visiting her sister for the summer-- that was really hard to let her do. i know, i know,she's 16 and a 'big' girl but still my baby (tho she rolls her eyes at me when i say it LOL!) somehow they never stop being one's baby do they? she's another amazing young woman (how on earth did i rate 2 incredible kids?!!) she drives herself hard, and i worry about her too... i guess worrying is part of my job as mom. i profoundly hope we find a way for her to go to a university that is good enough for her skills/needs - she will go far in any field she wants to go into.

my grand babies - my grandson- i dont have the words for how incredible that is. holding him after he was born was so profound- so much like when i held his mother and his auntie. love just wells out of my soul and i want to surround him with its protection and warmth

my grand daughter- she's not really mine tho i did sweep her into the MY catagorie- shes baby w's cousin - tif's little girl and since tif is to be my dd1's new sister when she and T marry - doesnt that make her my grandbaby too!?!?! she is a delight (and a handful at 2!! LOL!) very loving and huggable- she and her mommy drove to wi day before yesterday to live there too.... so you can see why i am a bit blue....

we are amazingly lucky arent we?? but a bit lonesome just now......
but dd2 will be home in 12 days so i just have to survive in the meantime -- but lordy, the house is way to quiet!!!!

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