10 May 2007

Have discovered a really neat blog- involves cooking! and canning!! yea!!
Its called Mom's Cafe home cooking; promises to be interesting reading;


The most exciting things have been happening :

We MOVED! i put that in capitals because we were moving w/about 3 weeks notice and moved 2 households into one AND 2o + yrs of 'stuff' without the time to sort/toss that we should have. yikes!! but we survived and love the new house~~ but OMG the reality of going back to paying regular rent!! ACCK!!! its like loosing one whole paycheck a month. oh well back to the real world.

THe china trip!! they took the passports last nite to get the visa's OH MY its getting close now and i think some moms are starting to have panic attacks - i do understand. this is the third time a family member has gone on one of these and i STILL have a problem with "my baby!!! going so far away!! LOL!! sigh........................
If you live in the Palm Springs AREA or near enough to visit the band will be having their SEND OFF CONCERT (i know its not july- but most of the snow birds are leaving and we want a good audience for the kids) i know that most people think - high school band = iiiish! must i?= but these kids are GOOD!! the Dallas Brass was one of our guest groups and the kids got to perform with them- the DB were DELIGHTED with them!! and our kids play all over the valley- a lot of them are pursuing professional music as careers !!!!

any way off my soap box (grin) The concert is FREE so if you are nearby on May 23rd 2007 come on in and enjoy the music (its at the Palm Springs High School Auditorium) its an 1100 seat auditorium with amazing accoustics!!
my mom and i are genealogists and do quite a bit of research- just by chance(?) we connected with a GREAT AUNT we didnt even know was Still ALIVE!! its amazing all the family information she has and is sharing that we Knew NOTHING about! turns out my gr gr grandfather and his kids were musicians like my grandmother (they even made their own instraments!!) have you EVER seen a harpguitar!??! see pic above!! very very neat. AND in researching Them discovered that a modern harpguitarist might even be a Very distant relative to the two men in the pic (& to me too!) very very cool
i also got a quick note from a long not heard from friend from high school!! :o)
am hoping to hear from her again!! Diane if you read this PLEASE let me know :o)
and to top it all off my 15yr old Turned into an OFFICIAL TEENAGER this week!! ACCKKK!! (she went prom dress shopping with a friend!!! ROFL!!!) fun but a bit scary at times!!

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