18 June 2007

well things have been seriously busy recently. its less than 3 weeks till dd and dh leave for china- i may 'just' survive this (i think) we survived the move and i love the new house !! dont you just love our new security door?? i love being able to leave the regular door open and still have privacy!

we are still (slowly) unpacking a few boxes at a time (it seems like forever to get done. :( oh well its got to be done. i had no idea i had so much 'stuff'!

the biggest news around here is Letha is expecting!!!she is due in november. we dont know if its a boy or girl yet. the biggest surprise tho is even tho she was showing when she thought she was less than 3 months (i showed with both girls at 2+ mo since we are both very short waisted) - turns out she is already 16 weeks~ and no morning sickness. thank goodness she was NOT like me in that!! she did scare the crew at work last week tho... tried to pass out on them... now the know the news!! LOL!! oh my! am still not to sure about being called grandma- and mom is certainly not so sure about great grandma!

We are waiting to find out if the house next door might be coming available- the kids lease is up and they need a house... keep your fingers crossed they can get it!! :o)

craftwork- not much time for a lot but am looking at making a baby quilt for the new one and for a friends upcoming grandbaby. am also looking at making a christening gown... not sure what it will look like yet...... i have not done much sewing with really delicate fabrics - i would love to do an heirloom type gown tho.... we will see.

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