17 August 2007

oh wow - its been awhile since i last posted!! (couldnt remember password for awhile & been BUSY!!!
dd#2 & dh made the trip to china and OHG!! what a trip - it was fabulous!! and the pix they brought back!! there is supposed to be a website set up for all the members of the band/flags and all the adults to add to. (we have 500 just on our own) admittedly MANY of them have other band kids in them so we will post them to the band's site for their parents- of the ones for we will keep for ourselves we still have at least 300+ (this is NOT counting the blurry/back of heads type pix LOL!) 1st pic is band in parade- 2nd pic is dd#2 in Tienamen Square.

The 3rd pic is a welcome at one of the hotels- they stayed in and performed in Shanghai (at the children's museum) then visited Suzhou and the silk factory where many had A LOT of fun shopping!! then flew to Beijing- in Beijing they went to Tienamen Square and the forbidden city and performed in the 'parade' (their parade set up is a bit different than ours but our kids Wowed them!!!) then a sit-down performance that apparently knocked the socks off the audience - this one was definately on the china national tv. Apparently our band was voted #1 of all the Olympic Music Festival's entries (Go PSHS Spirit of the Sands Band!!!)

when the went to the great wall for their performance there, it turned out the were not going to perform at the base of the 'wall" the performed ON the Great Wall!!! all 14 groups (about 2000 performers) they were stretched between 4 Towers! absolutely awesome-- as the #1 band, ours was directly in front of the dignitaries!! afterwards they had lunch on the roof of a nearby restaurant that had an incredible view of the wall. then they got to go SHOPPING again!!!
DD says she had SUCH fun with the bargaining and would just about want to LIVE in Silk Alley!!! LOL!!! (she did bring back some DELIGHTFUL goodies.

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