25 October 2008

I am SO psyched!!!!

I just finished two entire batches of made from scratch BAGELS!!
(one Batch with garlic olive oil and one plain.

THey were super easy-- used my bread machine for the kneading (my hands arent up to it!!) and first rise.
even found the recipe where you broil before you boil but not so sure its worth the extra work as my broiler is a bit 'so-so'

they are GOOOOOOOD!!
made homemade noodes as well,
not so great.

flavor good but the OLD ronco pasta maker makes more noise than noodles so after the 2nd flopped batch -- out it went!!! El Garbago~!!

i only paid about $5 years ago so am not in the dumps over IT. just about the fact i LIKE homemade noodles but need machine help to make them and now have no machine.

Found what i WANT for noodlemaking BUT its going to be awhile before i can spend $140 on it :(
its the KitchenAid pasta roller set. sigh....... i do like the 'good stuff' dont i!!

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