25 October 2008

october 18
I have just tried my FIRST EVER Successful loaf of homemade sourdough bread-- sigh......of bliss...................
its not perfect mind you, a bit dense and more moist than it ought to be - but considering....
I discovered this WONDERFUL website called Breadtopia


Truly an awesome site teaching breadmaking from scratch INCLUDING making your OWN sourdough starter!! (i used the pineapple juice recipe) and making NO KNEAD Bread!! It is a time consuming (sort of ) recipe, but very very easy one. - I say sort of, because while each step Only takes a few minutes,
there are hours of waiting between steps! so PLANNING is a must!!!

but OH my is it worth it!!

ANY ONE can do this. Eric's videos are awesome (eric is the breadtopia guy) and REALLY help - have fun and TRY THIS!!

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